Visit and Illustration lessons at London School

I recently had the pleasure to visit a lovely school in Fulham to talk to the children about my work as part of their literacy week.

For the visit I put together various books I had illustrated and talked through the process of coming up with a character and story. The best bit (for the kids and me!) was drawing for them on their white boards. I set up the initial picture of a pirate and then asked the kids to come up with ideas for the rest of the illustration. Explaining as we were going along how to draw different things starting off with basic shapes and stick figures. This was great because during this process the kids were making up a story and characters too. When a character was expressing any emotion I asked them to try and act it out, so we could see what pose to draw, which they loved. They all had brilliant ideas, which were often quite funny.

At the end of the process I handed out sheets of the same image of the pirate, for them to have a go at drawing their own pictures, and helped out with anything they were struggling to draw by trying to break it down into a simple shape first. Their stories were inspired, and included pirates fighting over a KFC, and ninja’s attacking the pirates from a helicopter!