The Bella Street Mysteries Trilogy is now on sale!

The Bella Street Mysteries Trilogy, written by Clare Havens (Sydney Writers’ Word Festival Finalist), is now up on Amazon for purchase.

It was fantastic illustrating this title, the books are so much fun and are packed with quirky characters, humorous plot twists and cliff hangers. Set in New York, London and Paris it is spilling with action and intrigue -a real teen noir fiction!

Once I had read the books I discussed with Clare my ideas for the cover. We decided it would be fun to combine various elements from all three books, but keep the focus on the main character Bella, a 12 year old girl, to help communicate the demographic the book is aimed at. The use of perspective added drama and intrigue.

If you are a self published author and are interested in getting one of your books illustrated please take a look at my blog piece ‘Tips for Self Publishing -Commissioning Illustrations’ to give you an idea of the process.